‘A Forged Reality’ the EP Literally Funded In Blood


Let it be known that Trey cannot let Krys out-flex him.

By Krys Escobar (Archeons’s sexiest guitarist) - 10.4.2018

Archeons is serious when we say we put our blood, sweat, and tears into our music.

When it came time to figure out how the hell we were going to fund our 1st upcoming release - A Forged Reality - on our own, (DIY baby!) many ideas came up. We could drive uber on the side, work more hours, (Let’s be real...) or we could… donate blood plasma.

It seemed ridiculous when Trey brought up the idea.

You mean these companies will pay US to let them suck blood out of us for an hour? We’re crazy enough to give it a shot. It sure beats the hell out of driving drunken Predators fans around our beloved city of Nashville, TN.

We all took our turns going through the pretty lengthy process of the company making sure we don’t have AIDS, or haven’t been having sex with other men (or women?) for money. (Now we like to party, but not like that. But I mean, it’s cool if you like to party like that, it’s 2018. No judgements. Okay… Moving on.)

Somehow all of us passed the comical, yet necessary tests.

This was a lot different then our normal band practices.

After being led like cattle into the big operation-table style room, we each manned our stations at one of the numerous bed-like seats they provide. (Admittedly they are actually quite comfy - it’s a shame you’re not allowed to nap while donating.)

The workers then hooked us up to a very confusing looking machine and strapped a plethora of tubes up to it. After a brief setup, the most pleasant step is performed where they stick you with a needle, and your blood starts to flow.

Very metal.

It’s a pretty interesting process because they’re not actually extracting any of your blood - it’s the plasma they’re after. (My suspicions were eradicated: they weren’t vampires). Your blood is pushed through the machine and the plasma is extracted.

Plasma is actually a clearish-brown liquid that carries your actual blood cells - not totally the stuff that comes out when you slip and bang your knee when you’re flexing your Heelies (do people still have these?) at the mall.

After approximately an hour (and 880ml of plasma) later, we were done. We had gifted the company with our precious plasma.

They gave us some debit card style cards and loaded them with a solid $75 each, (The payment goes down cyclically each time you donate, then resets every month-ish.) and sent us on our way.

We left with the majority of our dignity intact and went home ready and eager as ever to get this damn EP out.

The things we do for our passion.

Overall it was an interesting experience.

I never could have imagined I’d let someone shove a needle in my arm for my band, but I guess that’s the thing you do when you really want to accomplish something. (Alright most people probably won’t take such drastic measures, but you get the point.)

We’re probably not the first band to do this, but if you need some extra cash for your project (but definitely not drugs), donating plasma might be a viable option.


If you want to hear the EP that was funded through blood, you can check out A Forged Reality when it’s birthed into the universe on October 10th on all major streaming platforms.

We also have a really cool EP experience going on where you can hear all the songs early, as well get your hands on a bunch of other goodies to consume.